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Services & Programmes

  • guided sightseeing and guided visits to the opera house Semperoper
  • barbecues
  • seminar services (catering & toursim)
  • Halfboard and Full board
  • parties in the cellar bar belonging to the house
  • opera and theatre ticket service
  • Panometer Dresden: Yadegar Asisi's 360° panorama of the glorious Baroque period in Dresden focuses on life in the Saxon court as well as the daily lives of citizens, merchants, fishermen, servants and tradesmen. Asisi condenses the period from about 1695 to 1760 into an artistic snapshot of Dresden Baroque.

    The scenes with historical persons capture the "scent of the age". Here we can see Tsar Peter I, the European discoverer of porcelain, Böttger, Johann Sebastian Bach and the court jester Joseph Fröhlich. We also witness the arrival of the Sistine Madonna in the year 1754. Forgotten episodes from daily life with barge-towspulling shipments of wood and washerwomen at work on the banks of the river Elbe, litter bearers and comedians in the town squares and many other details turn this panoramic picture into a three-dimensional space that brings this era to life. The simulation of the city at night adds a stunning finishing touch to the experience.
  • Art exhibition and many more - Deutschen Hygiene Museum
  • Erich Kästner: lections and events - Erich Kästner Museum