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House tour


House tour

» To start the House tour click here. «

how to use

  1. QuickTime has to be installed to do the House tour:
    • Zoom Out - (CTRL) recommended
    • Zoom In - [Shift]
    • Show Hotspot - indicates a possible action you can do by clicking the left mouse button

  2. To walk thru our youth hostel click in the window and point the cursor where you want to "go" . If the cursor changes to a small round symbol there is a Hotspot which indicates another room you are able to go in.
  3. Have Fun.


  1. The virtual tour is optimized for the Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla Firefox 1.0
  2. Quicktime-PlugIn is required
  3. It is recommended broadband connection to use one.
  4. It is important to Internet Explorer 6.0 users that ActiveX is activated.